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The Lockheed AC-130 gunship is a heavily armed, long-endurance, ground-attack variant of the C-130 Hercules transport, fixed-wing aircraft.It carries a wide array of ground attack weapons that are integrated with sophisticated sensors, navigation, and fire-control systems.Unlike other modern military fixed-wing aircraft, the AC-130 relies on visual targeting AC-130J Ghostrider, a modified version of the MC-130J aircraft, is the replacement for the AC-130H/U aircraft of the US Air Force. The first test flight of the AC-130J Ghostrider was completed in January 2014. Lockheed Martin will deliver 37 AC-130J Ghostrider aircraft to the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) by 2021 AC-130 Gunships In Action | AC-130J Ghostrider In Action | AC-130U Spooky In Action - The Lockheed AC-130 gunship is a heavily armed, long-endurance ground-..

AC-130J. Tizenhat gépet terveznek építeni az MC-130J Combat Shadow felhasználásával, leváltva az AC-130H-kat és növelve a flotta nagyságát. 2012 júliusában megkezdték az első Lockheed Martin MC-130J Commando II átépítését AC-130J-vé a Marietta-i üzemben The Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules is a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft.The C-130J is a comprehensive update of the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, with new engines, flight deck, and other systems.. The C-130J is the newest version of the C-130 Hercules and the only model in production. As of February 2018, 400 C-130J aircraft had been delivered to 17 nations The AC-130J Ghostrider is a result of the AC-130 recapitalization program and has replaced the Air Force Special Operations Command's (AFSOC) aging fleet of eight AC-130H gunships + adds additional aircraft to the gunship fleet (there are 31 AC-130J/U/Ws in the current inventory). Gunships are in very high demand to support ground troops with. Die Lockheed AC-130 ist eine zur Luftnahunterstützung durch seitwärts wirkende Rohrwaffen eingesetzte Variante des Transportflugzeugs Lockheed C-130 Hercules.Sie wird von der United States Air Force verwendet und dort wegen ihrer starken Rohrbewaffnung auch als Gunship (deutsch Kanonenboot) bezeichnet.Die bisher gebauten Hauptvarianten sind die AC-130A Spectre, AC-130E Spectre, AC-130H.

AC-130. フレア を放出するAC-130H スペクター. 用途 : ガンシップ (局地制圧用 攻撃機 ). 分類 :対地攻撃機. 製造者 : ロッキード (現・ ロッキード・マーティン )社. 運用者 : アメリカ合衆国 ( アメリカ空軍 ). 初飛行 : 1967年. 生産数 :47機. 運用. Certains AC-130 sont utilisés pour les évacuations sanitaires aériennes. En 2010, on annonce l'achat de seize AC-130J Ghostrider (des C-130J modifiés) pour remplacer les AC-130H, ce qui, avec les dix-sept AC-130U en service, devait porter la flotte à 33 appareils en 2013 [2]. Le dernier AC-130H est retiré du service le 26 mai 2015 洛克希德AC-130空中砲艇(Lockheed AC-130 Gunship)是一個由美國空軍所操作的重型對地攻擊機系列,是以洛克希德C-130「力士」式(Hercules)運輸機為基礎所進一步改裝而成,主要用於密接空中支援與武裝偵察等用途。 AC-130裝置有各型口徑不同的機砲,乃至於後期機種所搭載的博福斯砲或榴彈砲等重型.

Il Lockheed AC-130, noto anche come Angelo della Morte (Death Angel), è un quadrimotore a turboelica impiegato come cannoniera volante pesantemente armata per l'attacco al suolo, in servizio presso l'United States Air Force dalla fine degli anni sessanta fino ai giorni nostri. L'aereo è una variante del C-130 da trasporto costruito dalla Lockheed e viene convertito dalla Boeing in cannoniera AC-130ガンシップ:C-130ハーキュリーズ輸送機に20mmバルカン砲、40mm機関砲、105mm榴弾砲などを搭載し、圧倒的な火力投射を行う世界最強の対地攻撃. The AC-130J is a very different beast, though it does have the same 105mm howitzer as the AC-130U, as well as a smaller 30mm GAU-23/A Bushmaster cannon. But the Ghostrider, from the very beginning. The AC-130J will provide ground forces an expeditionary, direct-fire platform that is persistent, ideally suited for urban operations and delivers precision low-yield munitions against ground targets. The AC-130J is a highly modified C-130J aircraft that contains many advanced features

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AC-130Jゴーストライダー(ghostrider)はAC-130の最新型となり、2019年6月にアフガニスタンで実戦デビューをしました。 装備は105mm榴弾砲はそのままに40㎜機関砲は小型の 30㎜ブッシュマスター砲 に切り替えられています

AC-130J Ghostrider. The AC-130J Ghostrider is a new addition to Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC)'s arsenal. The Ghostrider, which is currently under development, is a gunship created by adding a weapons package to a MC-130J Commando II aircraft. The aircraft is earmarked to eventually replace current AC-130H gunships 164,244 lb. (74,500 kg) (Showcased structural values pertain to the base Lockheed AC-130J Ghostrider production variant) POWER & PERFORMANCE [+] Installed: 4 x Rolls-Royce AE2100D3 turboprop engines developing 4,700 horsepower each driving four-bladed propeller units. Max Speed. 416 mph

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AC-130H Spectre The Vietnam-era AC-130E Pave Spectre was an improved version of the AC-130A PAVE PRONTO aircraft. The C-130E was equipped with more powerful versions of the Allison T56 turboprop engines. The AC-130E was later upgraded to AC-130H standards under project Pave Spectre II The AC-130 is an excellent fire suppor ac-130攻击机是以美国空军c-130运输机为基础改装而成, [2] 装有强大的机载武器系统,侧面发射的武器系统与精确传感系统、导航与火控系统高度集成,成为美国空军特种部队的攻击平台,并且具有远程飞行能力,炮火强大、攻击性强 [1] 。 最初执行低空飞行攻击任务,主要用于密接空中支援与武装. The AC-130H Spectre, AC-130U Spooky and AC-130J (new) are fixed-wing gunship variants of the C-130. AC-130H/U/J aircraft provide close air support, air interdiction and armed reconnaissance in support of special operation forces (SOF). Close air support missions include troops in contact, convoy escort and point air defense

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  1. The MC-130J Commando II multimission combat transport/special operations tanker, assigned to the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), delivers increased combat performance to the warfighter with its more powerful engines and unique features. As it replaces the older MC-130N/P Combat Shadow II aircraft, the MC-130J provides AFSOC with a.
  2. The AC-130J's other weapons are a 105mm howitzer, AGM-176 Griffin laser- and GPS-guided missiles, and GBU-39/B Small Diameter Bombs. In the future,.
  3. The AC-130J Ghostrider is the fourth generation gunship set to replace the special operations fleet of AC-130H/U/W gunships at Hurlburt Field, Fla., July 30, 2015
  4. The AC-130 makes a brief appearance in S.S.D.D, where one is seen landing on the airfield. It doesn't make any other appearances in campaign. Multiplayer Main article: AC-130 (killstreak) The AC-130 returns as an obtainable killstreak in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. It takes eleven kills without dying to get the killstreak
  5. AC-130H Spectre AC-130U Spooky. The AC-130H Spectre gunship's primary missions are close air support, air interdiction and armed reconnaissance. Other missions include perimeter and point defense, escort, landing, drop and extraction zone support, forward air control, limited command and control, and combat search and rescue
  6. AC-130 Spectre / Spooky II Gunship. The Lockheed AC-130 is a C-130 cargo plane converted into a gunship. The port side of the AC-130 houses firing ports for an array of cannons, howitzers and gatling guns. AC-130 - Role. The AC-130 is flown by USAF Special Operations, mostly in the close air support role. Other roles include air interdiction.
  7. The AC-130H's call sign is Spectre. The H-model is the second generation of C-130 gunships, all of which evolved from the first operational gunship, the AC-47. The AC-130 gunship has a combat history dating to Vietnam

Dell LA90PE1-01 19.5V 90W laptop töltő (AC adapter) - 3 perce. 5 000 Ft. Budapest. ma 09:12. winston_80 +399 0. Légy az első hozzászóló! Még nem szólt hozzá senki sem. Hozzászólok. Fontos tudnod The AC-130J has the speed of the MC-130J, the precision strike capabilities of the AC-130W and carries forward the heritage of the AC-130H/U. As of January 2013, a total of 37 MC-130J prototypes. • The AC-130J is a medium-sized, multi-engine tactical aircraft with a variety of sensors and weapons for air-to-ground attack that will replace the AC-130H/U aircraft. • The AC-130J is operated by nine aircrew members: two pilots, one Combat System Offi cer (CSO), one weapons system operator, and fi ve special mission aviator The AC-130J Ghostrider is a highly modified version of the MC-130J aircraft. With its introduction, it became one of the most fearsome U.S. Air Force planes and in May 2012, it was officially named Ghostrider The AC-130J is the fifth generation gunship replacing the fleet of AC-130U Spooky and AC-130W Stinger II gunships. AC-130 gunships have an extensive combat history dating back to Vietnam where gunships destroyed more than 10,000 trucks and were credited with many life-saving, close air support missions

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Lockheed AC-130 představuje speciální letoun palebné podpory.Jedná se o těžce vyzbrojenou modifikaci transportního letounu Lockheed C-130 Hercules.Je společně vyráběn firmami Boeing a Lockheed Corporation.Nejvýkonnější a patrně konečnou verzí letounu je Lockheed AC-130U Spectre Gunshi Posledný variant AC-130J Ghostrider je hornoplošník dlhý 29,3 m s rozpätím krídel 39,7 m. Pohon lietadla zabezpečujú štyri turbovrtuľové motory Rolls-Royce AE 2100D3, každý s výkonom 3410 kW. Vo výške 6 700 m dokáže AC-130J letieť maximálnou rýchlosťou 670 km/h The AC-130J Ghostrider is the latest in a long line of fixed-wing gunships dating back to the Vietnam War. The AC-130J is a C-130J Super Hercules transport fitted with one GAU-23/A 30-millimeter.

The AC-130J Ghostrider's primary missions are close air support, air interdiction and armed reconnaissance. Close air support missions include troops in contact, convoy escort and point air defense The AC-130J Ghostrider crew, operating under the call sign Shadow 71, provided nearly two hours of continuous close air support for a coalition force of American and Afghan forces. On Jun.22, 2021 during a ceremony at Hurlburt Field, Fla., multiple medals were awarded to an AC-130J Ghostrider aircrew with the 73rd Special Operations Squadron (SOS) The AC-130J Ghostrider Will Get A Big Ass Gun Afterall. It is no secret that the AC-130 fleet is changing. Once defined by their bristling cannons, the ne The AC-130J Ghostrider is tasked with air interdiction, close air support, and armed reconnaissance. The AC-130J platform is quite flexible providing troops on the ground a persistent, aware presence with precision fires that can take out targets even in a dense urban setting with multiple strike packages

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The AC-130J Ghostrider's primary missions are close air support, air interdiction and armed reconnaissance. Its armament includes 30mm and 105mm cannons as well as precision-guided bombs and missiles The Lockheed AC-130 gunship is a heavily armed ground-attack aircraft variant of the C-130 Hercules transport plane. The basic airframe is manufactured by Lockheed, while Boeing is responsible for the conversion into a gunship and for aircraft support.[1] The AC-130A Gunship II superseded the AC-47 Gunship I during the Vietnam War. The gunship's sole user is the United States Air Force, which. The AC-130U is being replaced by the newer, eventually laser-armed AC-130J. The last AC-130U gunship, Spooky, flew off to retirement on June 26, 2020. A second -U model, Big Daddy. The AC-130J will replace some of the venerable Hercules airframes long in need of replacement. Versatile, reliable and economical: it's easy to understand what makes the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules the most successful military transport of all time. But for the AC-130 gunship version of this four-engined beast another word comes to. The two variants still in operation today are the AC-130W Stinger II and the AC-130J Ghostrider, both of which come with one 30 mm (1.1 inches) ATK GAU-23/A autocannon, one 105 mm (4.13 inch) M102 howitzer, the 'Gunslinger' weapons system which can fire the AGM-176 Griffin missiles and/or GBU-44/B Viper Strike munitions and finally the wing.

AC-130H. 2 х 20 мм M61 Vulcan (сняты в 2000 годах) 1 x 40 мм L60; 1 x 105 мм M102; AC-130U. 1 х 25 мм GAU-12/U; 1 x 40 мм L60; 1 x 105 мм M102; Операторы. США — 13 AC-130U, 12 AC-130W и 2 AC-130J, по состоянию на 2017 го The AC-130H Spectre gunships were fielded in 1972 and retired in 2015. The last AC-130U was flown to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, June 26, 2020, for retirement. The AC-130 gunship has a combat history dating to Vietnam. Gunships destroyed more than 10,000 trucks and were credited with many life-saving close air support missions Lockheed Martin AC-130J Ghostrider (L-382/100) Generic Type. Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules (L-382/100) Basic Type. Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules (L-382/100) Manufacturer. Lockheed Martin MSN. 382-5869 Reg. 17-5869 Location. Fort Worth - NAS JRB / Carswell Field (AFB). An AC-130J Ghostrider gunship has arrived at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan on March 29, 2021. Regularly stationed at Hurlburt Field, Florida, this is the first time the updated J model of the AC-130 has landed or operated in Japan. Lockheed AC-130. Prędkość maks. AC-130 - uzbrojona wersja samolotu Lockheed C-130 Hercules produkowana w kooperacji przez wytwórnie Lockheed i Boeing. Samoloty te posiadają uzbrojenie strzeleckie i artyleryjskie tylko na jednej, lewej burcie i są przystosowane do atakowania tylko celów naziemnych podczas przelotu lub lotu po okręgu

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  1. The latest AC-130 model, the AC-130J Ghostrider, has a particularly intense reputation for death and destruction. Air Force officials have called it the ultimate battle plane, and a bomb.
  2. The Lockheed AC-130 Spectre is a heavily-armed ground-attack aircraft based on the Hercules C-130 created to replace the AC-47 Spooky. The basic airframe is manufactured by Lockheed, Boeing is responsible for the conversion into a gunship and for aircraft support. 1 History 2 Specifications 2.1 General Characteristics 2.2 Performance 2.3 Armament 3 See also The AC-130 gunship's primary.
  3. AC-130 is an arcade shooter game with old-school gameplay delivered in a modern style. You are a TV operator (gunner) aboard an AC-130 gunship, tasked with providing fire support to friendly troops on the ground. Inspired by the famous CoD 4 mission

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C-130 Brochure. Proven. Ready. Unmatched. 400+ delivered. 21 operators in 18 nations on five continents. 1.7 million flight hours (and counting). 17 different mission capabilities. 11 production variants. Many accomplishments, many capabilities only one C-130J Super Hercules. From the highest landing strip in the world to austere runways. The Lockheed AC-130A prototype test program ended on December 12, 1967. The final evaluation stated that the AC-130 had three times the combat effectiveness of the AC-47. The AC-130A gunship's principal advantages were more power (four engines), more cargo space, and more cargo-carrying capability

AC-130A, AC-130E, AC-130H, & AC-130U: The initial production model was the C-130A, with four Allison T56-A-11 or -9 turboprops. Conceptual studies of the C-130A, were initiated in 1951. The first prototype flight took place in 1954 and the first production flight followed on April 7, 1955. A total of 219 were ordered and the C-130A joined the U. The Lockheed AC-130 gunship is a heavily armed, long-endurance, ground-attack variant of the C-130 Hercules transport, fixed-wing aircraft. It carries a wide array of ground attack weapons that are integrated with sophisticated sensors, navigation, and fire-control systems Sur les autres projets Wikimedia: C-130 Hercules , sur Wikimedia Commons Développement lié Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules Lockheed AC-130 Lockheed DC-130 Lockheed EC-130 (en) Lockheed EC-130H Compass Call (en) Lockheed HC-130 Lockheed Martin KC-130 Lockheed LC-130 Lockheed MC-130 Lockheed WC-130 Lockheed L-100 Hercules Aéronefs comparables Antonov An-12 Armstrong Whitworth A.W.660.

It is the year 2011. The Pentagon has dispatched your AC-130 Spectre to provide close air support for US ground forces near the border between Pakistan and India. Man the guns on the deadliest weapon in the sky, and restore order to the land... . • 2 x 25mm M61 VULCAN cannon The AC-130J Ghostrider will bring myriad benefits from the new C-130J airplane platform. Turning to the command's gunships, he said he was pretty pleased right now with what I'm seeing on the recap efforts of the AC-130. Most of you know that we're moving to the AC-130J, he said The AC-130 flying gunship fleet is one of the most fabled and feared assets in the entire USAF inventory. Known for its ability to unleash a broadside of cannon fire in the dead of night, the. Service: USAF Armament: AC-130H: 40mm and 105mm cannons; AC-130U: 40mm, 105mm cannons and 25mm gatling gun. Propulsion: Four Allison T56-A-15 turboprop engines Speed: 300 mph Range: 1,300 nm Crew.

ac-130的攻擊方式是在目標上方盤旋,並以機上的槍砲攻擊目標。 ac-130家族的最初期版本為ac-130a,其上裝備有4挺7.62毫米六管機槍、4門20毫米「火神」六管機炮和熱焰彈發射裝置,並裝有夜視設備。之後陸續推出ac-130e、ac-130h、ac-130u、ac-130j與ac-130w五種改良版本 「最強」の定義は難しいものですが、最強航空機の一角に食い込むであろうac-130j「ゴーストライダー」が、まもなく実用化されます。「ガンシップ」にカテゴライズされる同機ですが、なにをもって「最強」といえるのでしょうか The AC-130 was running low of fuel and minutes away from departing the area to return to base. This was the largest single loss of life by an United States Air Force unit during Operation Desert Storm. The AC-130H aircraft that carried the crew of Spirit 03 was a modified, 1969 C-130E - carrying the 105mm cannon as well as other armament

C-130 Hercules. English: The Lockheed C-130 Hercules is a four-engine military airlifter. The specialized variants include the heavily armed AC-130 gunships. Italiano: il Lockheed C-130 Hercules è un aeroplano militare quadrimotore. Le versioni specializzate includono le cannoniere AC-130 notevolmente armate L'AC-130 è una variante dell'Hercules impiegata come cannoniera volante e pesantemente armata per l'attacco al suolo. Questo velivolo è in servizio solo all'USAF dalla fine degli anni sessanta. La conversione del velivolo in cannoniera è effettuato dalla Boeing. Attualmente sono in servizio due versioni denominate AC-130H Spectre e AC-130U. Las versiones del AC-130 son: AC-130A Spectre (proyectos Gunship II, Surprise Package, Pave Pronto), AC-130E Spectre (Pave Spectre, Pave Aegis), AC-130H Spectre, AC-130U Spooky II y AC-130J. DC-130 Versiones utilizadas por la Fuerza Aérea y la Armada de los Estados Unidos para lanzar y controlar aviones no tripulados

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  1. 2015年5月、アメリカ空軍から最後のAC-130Hスペクター・ガンシップ「69-6569 エクスカリバー」が退役しました。 INDEXさよなら Enemy AC130 Above退役式の様子まだまだ Enemy AC130 Above最新型 AC-130j「ゴーストライダー」Enemy AC130 Above 動画Enemy AC130 Above イメージバンド Enemy AC130 Aboveさよなら Enemy AC130 A..
  2. Cannon Air Force Base has seen the arrival of its first AC-130J Ghostrider gunship on Jul. 19. Two U.S. Air Force AC-130J Ghostriders, one assigned to the 4th Special Operations Squadron out of Hurlburt Field, Fla., and the other assigned to the 27th Special Operations Group Detachment 2, fly in formation July 19, 2021, at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M
  3. An AC-130J Ghostrider gunship takes off from Hurlburt Field, Florida, Sept. 9, 2017. (U.S. Air Force/Senior Airman Ryan Conroy) At this time, little is known about this new RFCM system, other than.
  4. The Lockheed AC-130 gunship is a heavily-armed ground-attack aircraft variant of the C-130 Hercules transport plane. The basic airframe is manufactured by Lockheed, while Boeing is responsible for the conversion into a gunship and for aircraft support. The AC-130A Gunship II superseded the AC-47 Gunship I during the Vietnam War

AC-130-2 is 12 months from date of packaging, when stored in the original unopened containers between 40°F and 100°F. Brush Application Apply fresh 3M™ Surface Pre-Treatment AC-130 liberally by brushing with a clean natural bristle brush or swabbing with a clean wiper, cheesecloth or gauze. Do not scrub with a brush o 3M™ Surface Pre-treatment AC-130 Description 3M™ Surface Pre-treatment AC-130 is a high-performance sol-gel surface preparation for adhesive bonding of aluminum alloys, steel, titanium and composites. 3M AC-130 promotes enhanced adhesion as a result of the chemical interaction at the interfaces between the metal, the AC-130 and the primer AC-130 Gunship - so far (before the official premiere An-12 Aurora) is the most powerful carrier of artillery armament in the world. Moreover, this equipment has been verified in many conflicts fought in Europe, Africa and Asia, as AC-130 had its baptism of fire in 1967 in Vietnam We developed 3M™ Surface Pre-Treatment AC-130-2 as a high-performance, water-based solution gelation (sol-gel) system to improve adhesive bonding of metal and composite surfaces. Our high-performance, non-chromated pre-treatment is ideal for aluminum alloys, steel, titanium and composites

  1. AC-130 Prototype. USAF #54-626 C-130A . Prototype for the AC-130A but the 'AC' part was never designated. Modifications were done at Wright-Patterson AFB by Aeronautical Systems Division during March and April of 1967. Testing was then done in mid 1967 at Eglin AFB, Florida. Starting September 21, 1967 the aircraft did a 3 month combat.
  2. De Lockheed AC-130 is een gevechtsvliegtuig ontwikkeld door Lockheed, terwijl Boeing verantwoordelijk is voor de omzetting naar een gevechtsvliegtuig. Het is de zwaarbewapende variant van de C-130 Hercules.. De enige gebruiker van de Lockheed AC-130 is de United States Air Force (USAF). Voornamelijk worden de AC-130H Spectre- en de AC-130U Spooky-varianten ingezet voor luchtsteun.
  3. طائرة لوكهيد إيه سي-130 هي طائرة مسلحة ثقيلة موجهة للهجوم الأرضى. كانت شركة لوكهيد مارتن مسؤولة عن بناء هيكل الطائرة، بينما كانت شركة بوينغ تتولى تحويلها لطائرة مسلحة وتتولى الدعم أيضا. الطائرة هي تعديل لطائرة النقل سي.
  4. Project: AC-130H Spectre More about Lockheed C-130 Hercules The Lockheed C-130 Hercules -page contains all related products, articles, books, walkarounds and plastic scale modeling projects dedicated to this aircraft
  5. Take control as the Fire Control Officer of an AC-130 Gunship following its story since its inception during the Vietnam war. Provide Close Air Support to your troops on the ground, fly Armed Reconnaissance and obliterate the enemy supply lines, give Landing Zone support for insertions and extractions under fire, protect US bases from enemy attacks and more while avoiding friendly and civilian.
  6. The AC-130 is operated by a crew of 11-13 men, depending on the variant. Cabin of the AC-130 is non-pressurized. The AC-130 gunships usually operate at night, because it is an easy target due to its large profile and low operating altitude. When engaging the target this aircraft operates at an altitude of just 1.1 - 2.5 km

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AC-130Jが搭載する105mmりゅう弾砲は、威力こそ30mm機関砲を凌駕するものの、発射速度が遅く最大でも1分間に10発しか撃てません。 それに対し、30mm機関砲は1分間に最大200発、連射できます The Lockheed AC-130 Spectre is an armed tactical support version of the C-130 Hercules. The AC-130 initially replaced AC-47 and AC-119 in the supporting role during the war in Vietnam. USAF used the AC-130 for close support, area interdiction and force protection AC-130E Spectre. The success of the AC-130A, especially in operations over the Ho Chi Minh trail, led to a decision to increase the number of aircraft in the AC-130 gunship fleet and update the. Conventionally, the AC-130 carries a mix of 20 mm, 25 mm, 40 mm, and 105 mm guns. More from us: The First Two B-21 Bombers Are Nearing Completion - But the Air Force Wants More. The crew of Shadow 71 were in an AC-130J Ghostrider, a relatively new variant that carries a 30 mm autocannon and a 105 mm howitzer

ac-130がイラスト付きでわかる! ガンシップ。その高い火力は文字通りの『砲艦』だ。 概要 ロッキードc-130ハーキュリーズ>ヘラクレスに重火器を搭載した対地攻撃機。 元が輸送機だけに高い積載量と長い航続距離を備えており、必要ならば一晩中支援し続けることも可能 Lockheed C-130 Hercules - amerykański średni czterosilnikowy wojskowy samolot transportowy o napędzie turbośmigłowym, produkowany przez wytwórnię Lockheed.Od wprowadzenia do służby w grudniu 1956 do 2006 wyprodukowano ponad 2260 egzemplarzy tej maszyny w 40 wersjach, w którą wyposażone są siły zbrojne ponad 50 krajów świata The C-130 line of aircraft, namely the AC-130 Gunship can be a great addition to War Thunder. This plane would specifically be added to the American Tech Tree, and an argument could be made to extend it's reach to that of the British Tech Tree as well. Though I don't know of any major competitor aircraft for the C-130 other than the Russian AN.

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Deadly AC-130 gunship in action firing all its cannons The AC-130 is the world's biggest flying artillery gunship, nicknamed Hell in the Sky. With three side-firing weapons—a 25mm gatling gun, a 40mm Bofors cannon, and a 105mm howitzer—it's easy to see why it got its name AC-130 Gunship over Afghanistan fighting taliban. Soldiers assigned to the 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team and its supporting elements took on Geronimo during fight night.. The AC-130 is the world's biggest flying artillery gunship - nicknamed 'Hell in the Sky.' With three side-firing weapons, a 25mm Gatling gun, a 40mm Bofors cannon, and a 105mm howitzer, it's easy. C-130J 슈퍼 허큘리스. 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전. C-130J 슈퍼 허큘리스 는 C-130 허큘리스 수송기를 최근에 확대개량 (comprehensive update)한 것이다. 1954년 초도비행한 C-130 허큘리스 의 최대이륙중량 이 70톤인데 비해, 1996년 초도비행한 슈퍼 허큘리스는 80톤이다

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The C-130J-30 is a stretch version of the C-130J adding 15 feet to the fuselage, increasing usable space in the cargo compartment. June 6/19: C-130H Upgrade L-3 Communications Integrated Systems won a fixed-price-incentive-firm contract for aircraft avionics upgrades on 176 C-130H Hercules military transport aircraft C-130J: Versão modernizada. Posteriormente surgiram novas versões derivadas do C-130, como o AC-130, o KC-130 (reabastecimento em voo) e MC-130 (tropas especiais norte-americanas), WC-130 (de reconhecimento meteorológico) e muitos outros. Para missões civis, destaca-se o L-100 e a aplicação do C-130 ao combate de incêndios The AC-130 Spooky II gunship is a standard C-130 transport aircraft engineered for close-air support combat. Its 105mm gun, called a M102 Howitzer, fires 33-pound high explosive shells at a.

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The AC-130J Ghostrider, first deployed in 2019, is a heavily modified version of the C-130J armed with 30 mm and 105 mm canons and precsion guided munitions. garland.chad@stripes.com AC-130:Gunship Simulator Special Ops Squadron requires at least a Radeon X1900 GT or GeForce GT 340 to meet recommended requirements running on high graphics setting, with 1080p resolution AC-130 Gunship Operator by Warzonelab - You will sit in the chair of the armament operator of three most powerful gunships in the world. ️ Steam -..

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The AC-130 is a 12-point (11 with Hardline) Strike Chain reward, which is part of the Assault Strike Package in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The AC-130 is in the air for forty seconds. It works just like in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but it now keeps track of the number of shots in each weapon before reloading, as well as the max capacities: One 105mm howitzer shell, four 40mm cannon. The AC-130A Spectre is a C-130 converted to a gunship, primarily for night attacks against ground targets. To enhance its armament's effectiveness, it used various sensors, a target acquisition system, and infrared and low-light television systems. The versatile C-130 Hercules, originally designed in the 1950s as an assault transport, was. An AC-130J Ghostrider gunship taxis to its final parking location on Kadena Air Base on March 29, 2021. Regularly stationed at Hurlburt Field, Florida, this is the first time the updated J model of the AC-130 has landed or operated in Japan


The AC-130J is the fifth generation gunship replacing the fleet of AC-130U Spooky and AC-130W Stinger II gunships. AC-130 gunships have an extensive combat history dating back to Vietnam where. Il Lockheed AC-130 Spectre è una versione armata da supporto tattico del C-130 Hercules.L'AC-130 inizialmente sostituì gli AC-47 e gli AC-119 nel ruolo di supporto nella Guerra del Vietnam. L'USAF ha usato gli AC-130 per appoggio ravvicinato, interdizione d'area e protezione delle forze The AC-130 does not have much in the way of markings, so although the sheet is small, it still provides markings for four aircraft. The first is camouflaged in Gunship Gray (FS36118) over Light Gray (FS 36495). It has low-viz gray national insignia and serials. Giving this aircraft a bit of color, though, is the nose art of the classic AC-130. The AC-130U Spooky is a ground attack aircraft. The latest in the famed AC-130 line, the AC-130U was built to respectively replace and assist the AC-130A and AC-130H gunship fleets, as well as a multirole aircraft capable of assisting conventional & special ground forces at unison. 1 History 1.1 Strangereal 1.2 Assault Horizon universe 2 Game Analysis 3 Trivia 4 References The Erusean Air. Không quân Mỹ dự kiến sẽ dừng hoạt động của các đơn vị AC-130J hiện có từ năm 2015. AC-130J. Cũng theo Janes, không quân Mỹ đã được trang bị thêm 12 máy bay cường kích MC-130W Combat Spear với trang bị hỏa lực là pháo bắn nhanh 30mm Mk 44 Bushmaster và các loại vũ khí chính.

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