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  1. Use the free online Reference Gerber Viewer to visualize and investigate Gerber X1 and X2, Excellon, NC and IPC files. Open Gerber Viewer. 3D Gerber Viewer by Mayhew Labs. With this viewer you can upload your Gerber files and have a 360 degree view of your PCB design
  2. With our 'Online Gerber Viewer' web service you can visualize your Gerber274x files as well as files in the Excellon format and navigate in a fast and simple way through the PCB design. Online Gerber Viewe
  3. The Gerber viewer is just for reference with some features still being improved. Thanks to Mike Cousins for his great contribution to the open source community
  4. If you work with PCB manufacturing files, try our free online Gerber viewer. The viewer displays Gerber (RS-274X), Excellon (v1 and v2) and zip archives right in your browser. Our online implementation displays 100% of the Gerber and Excellon specifications, making it the most comprehensive viewer available for free
  5. You can use this viewer to help confirm that your Gerber data looks correct before sending it for manufacture. Just find your files in Windows explorer and drag them onto the viewer, or click the green 'Open files' to browse to the right location. Your files will then be rendered for viewing

Gerber File Viewer View and inspect your gerber and drill files ensuring everything is correct before sending your PCB design to manufacturing Selection and Cross Probin Gerber file Online Viewer. gerber file viewer chlick here : O nline Gerber viewer. Gerber file viewer is an advanced viewing software specially used for Gerber, HPGL / HPGL-2 and Excellon format files. Gerber file viewer has many advanced functions, including zoom, measurement, marking, etc., and supports mouse wheel zooming and moving EasyEDA Gerber Viewer is a viewer for Gerber RS-274X files, Excellon drill files online, After you upload your gerber file, we will render it as images, and with top photo viewer and bottom photo viewer. At the same time, EasyEDA runs a simply DFM test, you can see the board size, holes size, track size, clearance of the objects

Gerbv: Free open viewer for Gerber RS-274X files, Excellon drill files, and CSV pick-and-place files that run on Linux. GC-Prevue: Free version only supports viewing. ViewMate: A powerful gerber viewer with many options. GerberLogix 3.0: A free gerber viewer with many features like measuring, editing, exporting an image Gerber view. Upload your Gerber and drill files to render your board. (ZIP files work, too Try the online Gerber file viewer linked on this page. We strongly recommend the use of a stand alone Gerber viewer. What you see is not always what you get. Don't assume that what you see in your design software is what the manufacturer will see. There are sometimes wide variations between what the design software shows and the output in the. EasyEDA Gerber Viewer is a viewer for Gerber RS-274X files, Excellon drill files online, After you upload your gerber file, we will render it as images including a top side and a bottom side photo view. At the same time, EasyEDA runs a simple Design For Manufacture (DFM) check, from which you can see the board size, hole and track sizes and clearances of the various PCB objects such as tracks.

Got Gerbers?™. CircuitPeople has solutions. View and share gerber files for your printed circuit board design online. Select a Gerber or Zip file: Please select a single gerber file or zipped (*.zip) set of gerbers to upload Online Reference Gerber Viewer. Free online viewer for Gerber RS274X, Gerber X2, Excellon, NC, XNC and IPC files. The official Gerber viewer myProto now offers you the possibility to view your Gerber files without having to download any specific program. This is an online gerber viewer that doesn't store your Gerber file on any server. Just upload your file and get a preview of your PCB! Inspect the individual layers and view your PCB layout everywhere you would like View, print and convert Gerber, ODB++, PDF and ExcellonConvert to PDF, DXF, DWF, RS-274X, TIFF, SVG and more. GerbView™ can view, print and convert Gerber, Extended Gerber, ODB++, PDF, Excellon, PLT and other file formats. Try Now. Buy Now. Gerbview will visualize your design, on the screen or in hardcopy

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GerberLogix is another simple GRB file viewer for Windows. It lets you easily manage and view various layers of a Gerber file. Layers can be moved up or down manually. It also comes with tools to view all layers, zoom objects, select objects, move objects, etc.. You can also measure distance between point to point, object to object, and center to center with this free GRB viewer GerberView. GerberView is the next free open source Gerber viewer software for Windows. It is a nice and clean software in which you can visualize PCB layout designs by importing Gerber files. Like most software on this list, it also lets you open and view multiple Gerber files at a time Note: Gerbv displays RS-274X files! Gerbv will not display RS-274D files! When you create Gerber files using your PCB tool make sure you export RS-274X files if you want to view the files with gerbv. In the Gerber format, the different layers of a PCB (e.g. top silk, top metal, interior layers, etc.) are held in separate files Free Gerber Viewer. Select the desired OS to begin the download. This compact self-contained viewer allows you to view standard 274-X format Gerber plotting documents. Designed for use with McCAD created documents it can also be used to view Gerbers created by other CAD systems

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Online PCB Gerber Viewers When you finish your PCB layout design, you will need to generate Gerber Files for use in the PCB Fabrication Process. Your Gerber Files should be submitted directly to Bittele Electronics with any other applicable PCB Design Files.Before you make your submission, we strongly recommend that you check the files using a Gerber Viewer Open GBL file online & free, 100% free and online gerber bottom layer data file (.gbl) viewer tool. Open from any device with a modern browser like Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Free Online gbl viewer. here are few popular free GBL tools to View, Convert, Edit, Merge,. Recently EasyEDA has released a Free Online Gerber Viewer to visualize the Gerber files generated by a PCB CAD tool. The tool supports the Gerber RS-274X format, which is an industry-standard image description format for PCBs. EasyEDA's tool will generate images for each layer plus combined images for the top and bottom of the board GC-Prevue Your Hassle Free Gerber Data Viewer . Provided for a small charge and used by over ONE MILLION circuit board designers, fabricators and assemblers, GC-Prevue is the de facto standard Gerber viewer for anyone involved in the printed circuit board supply chain. GC-Prevue reads all common CAD generated electronic manufacturing outputs including Gerber, AutoCAD DXF and DWG, Barco DPF.

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Gerber Viewer Software for Windows is a software that enables you to open and view Gerber files (GRB files) through the help of their extensive toolset. Some of this software are Gerber editor software also and allows you to view and make changes to Gerber PCB designs. The Gerber file viewer software can export the design in various formats, like SGV, PDF, PNG, PDF, JPEG, etc If you should have any problems with downloading the above executables, you may try to download a ZIP file instead: 32-bit (zip) 64-bit (zip) Windows XP. 32-bit (exe) 32-bit (zip) All downloads above are fully working 30-day evaluation versions. You can turn the evaluation into a full product by entering a serial number Online Gerber Viewer - Your free web service! With the free Gerber Viewer, you can load and visualize your files in Gerber274x and X2 format as well as Excellon1 and 2.. With its user-friendly interface, Online Gerber Viewer allows you to easily navigate through your PCB design Now I wonder if after viewing the Gerber files with the proposed Online Gerber Viewer if it is normal that the *.sts and *.sol files are mirrored compared to the other files, or have I made an error? /Kim. Reply. admin says. December 23, 2015. Hi Kim, These to files are for the backside, so it sounds right that they are mirrored

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  1. View PC Board data files with the Unisoft CAD, Gerber and BOM viewer software. Import & display CAD, GERBER and Bill of Materials (BOM) files. Imports Gerber R274X and R274D and all formats of BOM files. Import virtually all types of CAD file formats such as GENCAD, Fabmaster, ODB++, Cadence Valid Allegro, IPC-D-356, Protel, Mentor Graphics.
  2. View both Gerber RS-274X and Ecellon drill files. Support for RS-274X depreciated commands for legacy files. Layers are viewed with transparency with user selectable color and visibility. Related layers can be save as a project (.gpf) in xml format. Print layers to printer with print preview
  3. 1.Download Gerber zip file, and download Gerbv, unzip Gerber file and run the Gerbv; 2.Click the + button at the Gerbv dialog bottom-left corner, open the gerber folder, select all the gerber files, and open. 3.And then zoom, measure, check every layer, check drill holes and location. etc
  4. View GPX file on map + elevation. This page allows you to display a track from a GPX file recorded with your GPS (using maplorer or any other software writing GPX files, which is pretty much standard). The elevation profiles are displayed based on Google Maps and the content of your file (if it has valid ELE tags)
  5. Online Gerber Viewer. This is a really cool and simple online PCB design Gerber viewer tool, which can check your Gerber274x files as well as files in the Excellon1 and 2 formats and navigate in a fast way, the layers are displayed clear, zoom in and zoom out function. Its convenience is that You don't need to register for using the Gerber.
  6. How to view DXF files online. Click inside the file drop area to upload a DXF file or drag & drop a DXF file. Once upload completes, you'll be redirected to the viewer application. Scroll down or use the menu to navigate between pages. Zoom-in or zoom-out page view. Download source file pages in PNG or PDF format

  1. After clicking this button, you will be redirected to a new page. In this page, you can convert Eagle.brd to Gerber file by just one click, and you are allowed to download the generated Gerber zip file to check it in the Gerber viewer of a professional PCB design software before uploading it online
  2. You can view one or more Gerber files before sending them for PCB manufacturing. Refer to the Gerber RS-274X and Gerber RS-274D sections for important information. Complete the following steps to view a Gerber RS-274X file: Select File»Open to display a standard file selection dialog box
  3. Realistic 3D rendering from your Gerber files that shows you just how your finished board will look and unveils errors that are difficult to detect in a 2D view. Full 3D navigation via intuitive mouse and keyboard controls, so you can quickly and easily view any point on the board from any angle you choose
  4. The best thing about the ZofzPCB 3D Gerber viewing software is that it has a fairly simple and very intuitive easy to learn modern GUI design. It is a brilliant tool for viewing both a realistic PCB renders of your Gerber files, but also to review and inspect a realistic representation of the finished PCB

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A Gerber Viewer is software used to view Gerber and Drill files that have been exported from PCB Layout software. What is a Gerber Viewer Used For? What is viewed inside the PCB layout software may not be the same as the final format of the exported design data. A Gerber viewer is used as a means to view data files in their final format Includes Smart DFM & ViewMate Communicator. DXF -> Gerber -> DXF. Stencil Aperture Creation. Import ODB++. Many Advanced CAM Features Learn More. starting at $495.00. Order Now Renew Now. Free Trial. Now you can use ViewMate to communicate with your customers using 1,280. CAM350 is a great software to view Gerber file, you can use CAM350 for panel editor and NC editor and DRC analysis. May 7, 2011. #7 File Generation and the Free Viewer are All from the Same Set of Tools. With the viewer being a free version of Altium Designer, the Gerber and BOM files you created are easily viewed by all. Altium Designer gives you many options in the creation of your Gerber files. Learn More about generating Gerber Files in Altium Designer View files for free, without the original software. See supported file types and features, and find the right viewer for you. Find viewers by file type. Autodesk online viewer. View 2D and 3D designs in 50+ file formats, right in your browser. Upload and view DWG™, RVT, and IPT files, as well as files from SOLIDWORKS, ProE, CATIA, and others

The reference for reliable visualization of Gerber files. Directly from the developer of the Gerber format. High resolution. Very responsive. Multi-layer. Displays all X2 attributes. Measures distances and clearances. Displays object information. Offers robust privacy and security, https, GlobalSign certificate How to solve problems with PHO files. Associate the PHO file extension with the correct application. Update your software that should actually open Gerber Photoplot files. Because only the current version supports the latest PHO file format. Search, therefore, e.g. on the manufacturer website after an available Gerber Photoplot File update To save on disappointment, please double check your design files for errors in our Online Gerber Viewer or otherwise. We will not be held responsible for errors in the files. Visit the Fusion FAQ for our specification, guides, tips and tricks and important design considerations. Seeed Fusion's privacy policy protects your data

John, if it is a Gerber file you could try GerbView from www.softwarecompanions.com It can view Gerber files and convert to a.o. DXF, DWF, WMF, PDF Govert John Carroll schreef in berichtnieuw Importing Files Using Quick Load. The Quick Load command imports all CAM files located in a single folder. If your board has any holes, e.g. through holes or blind or buried vias, you must provide, at the very least, the signal layers (e.g. Gerber files for top and bottom) and one or more NC Drill file (Excellon 2 format)

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  1. Gerber CAM/viewers Gerbv. Gerbv is an open-source gerber viewer which runs on Linux and Windows. It is a component of the gEDA Suite of PCB tools. Gerber viewer ONLINE. Online Gerber viewer tool, no need to register or download software, just upload your ZIP and visualize all gerber files inside. Great online tool! GC Prevue. Free gerber viewer.
  2. Altium provides a pretty powerful and free program to view the entire design database for users running Windows. The current version may be found at: AltiumViewer or more generally Altium Downloads There are all sorts of free programs to view the Gerber files on a machine running Windows
  3. In order to view another file without mixing the view with the previous one, use the option Clear and Load gerber file. Fig. 70: Screenshot of Gerber View for the Copper Layer This time we select the component layer
  4. OrCAD Design Viewer is a free download that lets you share and access OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor design data very easily on your preferred Windows platforms. Read-only and secure access to design data makes it easy for a design project team to review and track the progress of a design
  5. Sie kennen schon unseren Online Gerber Viewer oder nutzen diesen sogar? Dann wissen Sie bereits von den umfangreichen Import-Funktionalitäten (z.B. Gerber oder Excellon). Wir sind stolz darauf, Ihnen noch einen weiteren Gerber Viewer mit vielen zusätzlichen Funktionen zur Verfügung stellen zu können: Unsere GerberLogix Softwarelösung! GerberLogix bietet Ihnen die Tools, die Sie auch.
  6. When you finished your design in Eagle, the last step before sending it off to the fab house is to generate the Gerber and Drill files. PCB fab houses will use these Gerber and Drill files to make your boards. Autodesk EAGLE includes a handy CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) processor that allows you to load a CAM file and quickly generate the.

How do you define realistic for a Gerber file! Its an artwork, to create an image on copper for etching. You maybe better learning to check your Gerber and drill info against an IPC-D-356 file, rather than trying to get a realistic view of a Gerber file Product Overview. Show PC Board data files with the Unisoft CAD & Gerber viewer software. Import & display CAD, GERBER and Bill of Materials (BOM) files. Imports Gerber R274X and R274D and all formats of BOM files. Import virtually all types of CAD file formats such as GENCAD, ODB++, Cadence Valid Allegro, Protel, Fabmaster, Mentor Graphics. EasyEDA Gerber Viewer Alternatives. EasyEDA Gerber Viewer is described as 'viewer for Gerber RS-274X files, Excellon drill files online, After you upload your gerber file, we will render it as images, and with top photo viewer and bottom photo viewer' and is an website in the Education & Reference category. There are four alternatives to EasyEDA Gerber Viewer, not only websites but also apps. GerberLogix supplies you with the tools you really need! Below, you will find a list of all functionalities at a glance: File import with automatic format recognition (extended Gerber / Excellon1, Excellon2 ) Direct reading of packed ZIP files. High-resolution image export in various formats (tiff, jpg, png, bmp Designers often need to perform Boolean operations on two Gerber (RS274X) files. These include AND, OR and XOR operations between two files. When the board layout is large and complex and the changes are small, it can be very difficult to identify all of the differences. Difference. Consider the two Gerber files for the printed circuit board at.

Free Online STEP File Viewer. View and optionally share your STEP files online for free. No download or signup required. Renders and verifies file integrity of STEP and STP files made with Solidworks, AutoCAD, Fusion 360, CATIA, Solid Edge, NX, Creo, FreeCAD, TurboCAD, Rhino, and more. Works for Mobile and Desktop Gerber Viewer is a small, yet effective application that serves to visualize Gerber and Drill files, with the possibility to print such content on demand. For those unfamiliar with the term. The tool updates the file meta-data, hexview and textview immediately when a file has been selected. For small image files, the appropriate data URI is also generated and shown in a separate tab. The binary files are not submitted to an online service, but are analyzed with JavaScript in your web browser

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Recommended software programs are sorted by OS platform (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android etc.) and possible program actions that can be done with the file: like open cam file, edit cam file, convert cam file, view cam file, play cam file etc. (if exist software for corresponding action in File-Extensions.org's database).. Hint: Click on the tab below to simply browse between the. Gerbv is a viewer for Gerber RS-274X files, Excellon drill files, and CSV pick-and-place files. Gerbv is a native Linux application, and it runs on many common unix platforms. Gerbv is free / open-source software Recommended software programs are sorted by OS platform (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android etc.) and possible program actions that can be done with the file: like open gko file, edit gko file, convert gko file, view gko file, play gko file etc. (if exist software for corresponding action in File-Extensions.org's database).. Hint: Click on the tab below to simply browse between the.

Gerber Required File List. Signal copper layers: Top layer, Bottom layer, Maybe medium layers optional; Soldering Stop mask layers: Top and Bottom; Silk screen layers: Top and Bottom; Drill layer and Outline (Dimension) mechanical layer:; Drill drawing: we call the hole character, different holes with different symbols, some still indicated next to the symbol corresponding to the pore diameter. @guy.steph.ryan wrote: Hi. I'm an occasional EAGLE user. One of the features I was hoping Cadsoft would eventually incorporate is a built-in Gerber file viewer so I wouldn't need to sign up with a third-party vendor to check my Gerber files before submitting them to a board house Cuprum is the first Gerber viewer for Mac with full Gerber X2 support, including verification of the MD5 checksum. Using the layer and object inspector all X2 attributes can be examined. Besides Gerber X2 Cuprum can also import ODB++, Excellon and XNC. And when Cuprum detects a mismatch between the scale of your Excellon data en Gerber data, it. View Sample of Gerber File in 274-X. Fabrication Print / Drill Drawing. It is a great idea to submit a Fabrication Print / Drill Drawing with every design package. It is best if this is supplied as a Gerber file, but we can accept this as a PDF or DXF This print should include a dimensioned board outline, graphic representation of hole.

Select the Gerber file(s) you wish to use and click Open. This dismisses the Open GRB File window and moves the Gerber Viewer tool to the foreground, enabling you to view the contents of the file(s). Select Tools > Gerber Union from the GBRUV window. A dialog appears with the following options. Setting the Gerber Union options: Settings Use. Description. GBR2DXF translates Gerber photoplot data for printed circuit boards into AutoCAD's DXF data format. Designers responsible for assembly documentation or package design can use this translator to move board outlines, silk screen, or padmaster data into AutoCAD or into a variety of other CAD packages that read DXF.. A unique feature of our translator is the ability to convert each. Most people looking for Cam350 gerber viewer downloaded: CAM350. Download. CAMvu can view, query, and plot any .PCB or .CAM file, but cannot edit, save, or export the data. Similar choice › Cam350 10.7 download › Cam350 v10 free download › Win10 cam350 › Cam350 download free › Cam350 software free setup file › Cam350 v10.7 trial. Eagle has made it easier for users to generate Gerber files in version 9.6.2. You only need to click the Process Job button to have your Gerber files. 3. The Importance of Gerber Files in PCB Manufacturing . Gerber files have increased their functionality to include more configuration data and macro and aperture descriptions

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Zofz 3D Gerber Viewer. This tool is not as precise for viewing Gerbers, but it is great for proofing your PCB look, especially silkscreen, mask, and coloring. You can see the PCB in 3D which is handy for visualizing the design Gerber file viewer v.1.0 Display gerber pcb (RS 273X format) files and drill; Source Viewer v.1 Source Viewer is a php coded web page allowing you to display the html and php source code of files on your server directly in a browser. It's free of charge. PageRank Viewer for Mac v.1.0 PageRank Viewer for Mac can display the Google pageranks of up to 20 websites a time GERBER VIEWERの使い方 DesignSpark is your go-to engineering design platform from RS Components, providing free CAD software, online resources, and design support. Our flagship CAD software includes DesignSpark PCB, DesignSpark Mechanical and DesignSpark Electrical Altium created the Gerber Photoplot File (PHO) file for the Altium Designer software series. Commonly, Gerber Photoplot File files are found on user computers from China, and on PCs running the Windows 10 operating system. In most cases, these users are surfing the internet using the Google Chrome browser

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By logging into your eService account, you'll be able to pay your bills online or manage your policy. It's just another way that Gerber Life strives to keep insurance simple, so you can spend time on more important things - like your loved ones. With eService, you can: Pay premiums and view your payment history From here you can alter any of the default extension lists associated with Gerber, Aperture, HPGL and Netlist files as well. The CAM Editor - Import/Export page of the Preferences dialog lets you change the default import and export settings for Gerber files. For example, if you regularly receive CAM data generated using P-CAD, you might. You can upload a full set of Gerber files plus NC Drill data (within a Zip, Rar, or 7z archive), or an individual Gerber file. When uploading a Zip, Rar, or 7z file, the following considerations apply: Ensure that there is only a single folder of Gerbers inside the archive. Ensure that the drill files are in the same folder as the Gerber files

Release of the Altium Designer software program prompted the development of the Printed Circuit Board Description file type by Altium. Internal website statistics show that PCBDOC files are most popular with users in China and those running the Windows 10 operating system EasyEDA Gerber Viewer is a free viewer for Gerber RS-274X files, Excellon drill files online. View 4 alternatives to EasyEDA Gerber Viewe To export Gerber files in Cadstar, it is a case of WYSWYG. So if you are doing it manually with manufacturing export, Artwork. Then whats on screen at that time will be used to create the file. You are better off using the manufacturing export, batch process and using colour files to create a set of Gerbers for each layer Explore Gerber professional bathroom, kitchen, and commercial plumbing fixtures. Find toilets, faucets, sinks, showers and other plumbing products. View Lemora. Simply Serene. Drawing from nature's inspiration, the all-new Lemora® collection is an ideal blend of clean lines, with subtle arcs and edges Download gerber file viewer for free. System Utilities downloads - GERBING Fotoalbum by GERBING Software and many more programs are available for instant and free download

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1. Gerber files and the Drill file must be stored in the same folder/archive. 2. The board outline must be provided. For specific guides on how to generate the necessary files in the correct format, here is a list of some of the most popular circuit design programs we have notes for. Altium Designer 3D Gerber Viewer. + Premium. STEP Export. Zeigt ein 3D-Modell Ihrer bestückte Leiterplatte - schnelle Überprüfung vor dem Versand an den Hersteller. Exportiert ein 3D-Modell der Leiterplatte im STEP-Dateiformat - Zusammenarbeit von ECAD zu MCAD. Automatische Erkennung von Gerber-, Drill-, Netzlisten- und Stücklistendateien To import correctly into the Online Gerber Viewer, and to help us identify the layers, please manually change the extensions of your generated files to the ones listed below. If we cannot identify the layers we may contact you for confirmation. Extension Layer. pcbname.GTL Top Copper. pcbname.GTS Top Soldermask. pcbname.GTO Top Silkscreen

Different PCB packages output Gerber data with different file extension names. But, the Gerber data in the file is still Gerber. If you have a Gerber viewer, or a CAD/PCB program that will import Gerbers (eg, Camtastic viewer that comes with Altium/Protel PCB package), you can rename the file extension and import it to view it, even it was not produced with that particular CAD package View/Plot Gerber RS-274x and Protel ASCII PCB : GerbMagic is a free viewer for Gerber RS-274x and Protel ASCII PCB (Protel v2.5 to v2.8 formats). It can also convert Gerber RS-274x and Protel ASCII PCB to PostScript, PDF, TIFF, BMP and RID formats

Create your best work with the latest versions of Word, Excel, and other Office apps. Plus, get 1 TB of cloud storage, document sharing, ransomware recovery, and more with OneDrive. Learn more The Gerber format is an open ASCII vector format for printed circuit board (PCB) designs. It is the de facto standard used by PCB industry software to describe the printed circuit board images: copper layers, solder mask, legend, drill data, etc.. The official website contains the specification, test files, notes and the Reference Gerber Viewer to support users and especially developers of. A BRD file is a CAD file created by Autodesk EAGLE, an application used for schematic capture and PCB (printed circuit board) design. It is created with the EAGLE Layout Editor and used to develop design templates for circuitry. BRD files can be saved in the Gerber drill data format, which may be used by CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) programs

The way I've been trying to do the import of Gerber files into an Altium Designer PCB document is that I open a new PCB document and then I import one Gerber file at a time by choosing File->Import->Gerber File. I stop after the first import since I just get a mess of tracks and pads. Added to original post (2 (MEGA DISCOUNT) US $0.74 38% OFF | Buy Custom Aluminum Core PCB Sample Prototype Manufacture Printed Circuit Board Coolof Send Us Gerber Pcb File To Get Real Quotation From Seller PcbBay Store. Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Shop Quality & Best Single-Sided PCB Directly From China Single-Sided PCB Suppliers Protoboard view, schematic view, PCB view, Code (firmware) view. Includes customizable design rule checker. Includes common shaped boards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi shields. Allows spline curve traces. Only two layers (top and bottom). Outputs gerbers. gEDA *BSD, Linux, Mac: GPL-2.-or-later: Yes: schematic, simulation, PCB editor, gerber.

Protel Pcb Viewer Online - PCB DesignsOnline Gerber Viewer with Long-Awaited in PCBWay FinallyDesign schematics, pcb boards, gerber files, bom by Gideon